Welcome to TEXT IT 2 ME. TEXT IT 2 ME was created to provide mobile marketing, mass communication and emergency alert solutions for businesses, municipalities, schools and other organizations worldwide through simple and effective text-based messaging.

TEXT IT 2 ME helps businesses and organizations establish a unique, direct connection with their customers or members. TEXT IT 2 ME's market insight enables them to anticipate marketplace needs and provide practical solutions. By understanding the changes that affect how we live, work and play, TEXT IT 2 ME creates a competitive advantage for all their customers -- helping them to build strong communities through text-based communications.

The future of TEXT IT 2 ME is bright as they work to achieve their vision of creating value through communications by building stronger business relationships, expanding social networks, connecting communities and improving public safety.

To learn more about TEXT IT 2 ME please browse our web site, call 1.877.842.6304, email us at [email protected] or text us by sending the word "callme1" to "91011".

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What are people saying?

"The mobile alert system has been great. Yesterday, I received the school closure message 20 minutes before the TV. I have kids at 2 different schools and am hard to get a hold of. As a parent, this makes me feel a lot better."

Darcie Drefs - Parent

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